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Learn About the Impact of Wear Over Time & Why Cleanliness Matters

Clean Lubricants 101

The Impact of Wear Over Time & Why Cleanliness Matters

The lubricants in your systems are presented with many opportunities to pick up contaminants before and after they reach your equipment. Over time, contaminants in equipment cause wear on the system, resulting in decreased performance that can ultimately cause catastrophic downtime. It is important to keep the lubricants in your equipment clean from the beginning to prevent failures and maintain efficient performance.

About the Speaker

Riley Mieth is the Business Development Manager for Branch Reliability Services at RelaDyne with over 12 years of industrial lubrication experience. A graduate with an engineering degree from Missouri University of Science & Technology, Riley started out as a Field Technician performing Fluid Purification, High Velocity Flushing and Fueling Services projects inside of refineries, power plants and chemical facilities. After gaining hands-on experience, Riley moved from a Technician to a Project Manager and then Branch Services Manager. In that role he sold lubricants and services while managing the division and executing field projects.

Within RelaDyne, Riley is part of the Services team and has been involved with expanding services at the branch level throughout RelaDyne. First on the Gulf Coast as a Reliability Solutions Specialist and then nationally in his current role as Business Development Manager – Branch Reliability Services.